FX Spreads and Other Criteria for Choosing FX Brokers

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What Are FX Spreads?

FX is a term which is used for the Foreign Exchange market. Every type of market has a spread, regardless of whether the market involves currency, stocks, or other commodities. The spread is an important factor to consider when making trades since it ultimately affects the overall profitability of the transaction.
In the FX market, the spread is the cost of performing a transaction. FX investors require access to the FX market through the services of an FX broker. The broker provides important information about the market as well as providing the service of matching the buyers and sellers of different currencies. The spread on a given currency pair is calculated by the difference between the "buy” price and the "ask” price for a currency. Every time an investor buys or sells a currency pair on the FX market, a spread is paid.
Most FX brokers do not charge a commission percentage. These brokers are paid by the spreads on each transaction that are given to either buy currencies from traders or sell currencies to traders. Smart investors typically look for smaller spreads because it translates to less cost for trading, making it easier to increase profits off smaller market fluctuations.    
The FX market is driven by fluctuations in exchange rates. The smallest notable change that can be made in an exchange rate is known as a "pip.” Spreads are given in pips, which are typically 1/100 of one per cent for most currency pairs in the FX market. Spreads typically increase and tighten depending on the liquidity of the market and specific currency pairs at any given time.

FX Brokers and Spreads

Spreads are an important factor when looking for an FX broker to invest in the FX market, but there are other important factors to consider before making a choice. Investors should look for brokers with consistently low spreads, but also ensure that the broker provides excellent customer service and access to a variety of different high quality FX trading platforms to meet various investor needs.
Finding a broker with a dedication to providing high levels of customer service can be difficult in the FX market. The top FX currency brokers understand the value of being there to help clients with professional (yet personal) service.
The FX trading platform is an essential part of the trading experience. Investors don’t have time to constantly look up market information from sources such as Bloomberg or CNBC; they rely on trading platforms to collect real-time market information such as broker spreads from a number of different sources. The trading platform is also a direct link between the investor and broker, allowing the investor to execute trades in the FX market.

Is the FX Broker Right for You?

The top FX broker companies offer demo FX accounts which allow investors to try their products and services risk free. Demo accounts typically offer full functionality and mirror the live trading environment with real-time currency prices and spread values. This is an excellent opportunity for investors to see if the broker provides the right combination of low FX spreads, trading platforms, and customer service to create the FX trading experience that is needed.


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